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Hi and welcome to Local Collective Los Angeles (LCLA)! We are Amy & Melissa, two friends (for over 20 years!) born & raised in California. We find inspiration from our love of traveling, plants, the 1980's, art, and design! Local Collective Los Angeles is our online marketplace to share with you some of our favorite things and original designs!



When COVID-19 swept through the world, we quickly found ourselves out of work. With our financial situation looking bleak and our brains feeling bored, Local Collective Los Angeles was born. As two creatives we found it VERY hard to sit still. We focused on the ideas and things we love & from these ideas came some original designs that we are excited for you to see! The road leading us on our little adventure continues to be bumpy, but we are learning and growing each day. Our hope is to create a space where everyone is welcome & where you can find something unique!


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